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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chat Between B2ST Members

Kay Aiden: What's your first impression about your members??

Doojoon:Some give good feedback and some give bad feedback(loud laugh) and some are rotten-faced.First time I saw Dongwoon,I felt so stress because he looked too serious..haha..Actually,he is very handsome! If you see himself further,you will see that he is so handsome..For Junhyung,he is quiet because he does not like to talk much.
Junhyung: I am always defensive when I meet strangers.
Doojoon: Gi Kwang looks like a good boy because he have nice hair.For Yoseob,he does not changed much.First time I met Hyun Seung,I really think that he is too thin!When we informed that his weight is only between 57-58kg,we were shocked!
Gikwang:(nodded)Yes,He is too thin!!
Junhyung:During that time,we always cooked delicious food for Hyun Seung.So,he cannot take it anymore..Now,he always find food himself.(smile)
Gikwang:He always ordering delivery alone..hehe
Kay Aiden: What is the thing that you really believe of??
Dongwoon:This world has UFO!!
Doojoon:Same with Dongwoon,this world has UFO!!
Gikwang: Believe in myself and god!!
Junhyung & Hyun Seung: .....
Kay Aiden: Let's describe yourself..
Dongwoon: Careful..
Yoseob: Love to be pampered..hehe
Doojoon: Happy-go-lucky!
Gikwang: Talkative,concerned and careful!
Junhyung: Cold.
Hyun Seung: Cold!


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