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Monday, December 4, 2017

Schneider Electric Malaysia Annual Dinner and My Driving License!

Hi everybody....

Here I am back again. Been hiatus for 4 months cause there was nothing to write about so now I come up with some good news..Of course,there were some bad news too.

So many things happened for the last few months and it is now already December 2017. How fast the time flies... Firstly, I lost my uncle(I called him apok Jak) last 20th Oct 2017.... It was 3 am in the morning when I received a call from my sister regarding the news. I couldn't say anything but went straight back to Chenor, Pahang that morning at 5.30am... It was unexpected cause he was only having cough and flu when he passed away. It was a tragic loss for our family.

A few weeks later, my company held their annual dinner at VE Hotel &Residence, Bangsar which is really near to my house. I was reluctant to go but yeah finally I went to the event hoping that I could win any of the lucky draw prizes.. I got the number 236 for the lucky draw. Guess what? I got the luck that night!!! I got a brand new smartphone (P10 Plus Huawei) !!!!! I was so shocked when I heard the mc called out my lucky number!!

FYI, I just bought the recently released Huawei Nova 2i for about a month ago (03 November 2017).Who would have guessed that I got the new phone again on that day...I am so grateful for the good things happened to me recently.. Well, here's some good pictures for you too see. Cheers!!!

There is one more thing I want to tell you. I also passed my JPJ driving license test! :)

Yeayyy!! Driving license coming soon! That's all for now. Bye bye! :)

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

How small thing can lighten up our day :)


I want to write again tonight. Let me write whenever I still have the feeling to do so. Guess what happened today? Nothing lol.. I only received tonnes of work again. Not to forget, I did received a gift from the company.

What's funny is that they printed my name wrongly. This is by far the funniest among all of the typos for my name. It's because the spelling are almost perfect but just because of one letter, it changed the whole name! HAHAHA

Aren't they cute?

It changed everything! HAHA

Thank you! :)

Thank you.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Work Pressure and My Driving License journey :)

Hi again,

       Now I am feeling this again. I want to write again. I want to be like how I was before. There are times that I really want to use English as my 2nd language daily but it's kinda weird to use it when you meet people who uses Malay language as mother tongue.

       Can I post everyday again? Hm I am not sure myself. Been alone quite some time now makes me feel lonely too. I was unable to go back to my hometown for almost a month now and my roommates weren't here too. All of them recently quit their job and went back to their hometown. I don't really know when will they be back here...

       As for my work surrounding...I keep saying to myself that I love my job... Lol yeah  because there were so much pressure at work especially during tender closing period. There'll be like tonnes of DB drawings that I need to quote their prices to the clients. I feel like my brain is going to be burst out of the tension. I think I really need someone who can lend their ears and time to spend with.

       I am currently holding all these to myself because I don't want to burden my family and friends about my issues.Hmm by the way, there is actually one thing that I want to share here. Today, I passed my computer test for my car driving license! I managed to obtain 49/50 marks! I think that was awesome lol but yeah I do think the questions were easier than the one I took in 2013.(for my motorcycle license).

       The test only took about half an hour but yeah I already took the day off from my boss so.... I just went back home and rest for the day. I already paid half of the fee for the LDL license to be ready and need to pay another half when it's ready. They said it's going to be ready in 10 days from now. Cannot wait!!!!

Yeah I passed this test already :)
My test result :)

This was taken on the KPP01 talk day :) 
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Hutan Lipur Kanching, Rawang, Selangor

Oh hi everyone.. It's been a while now. I don't want to write that long but I really do hope I can write everyday like this... I am really busy with work now since I am currently working with a multinational company as an estimator. Everyday is about work and projects....

It's tiring but I do learn a lot from my boss. How I wish he had more time in the office...He's very busy with meetings (internally and also with clients) so I don't really have much time to study more...So yeah I am not gonna write long about my work here but let's just get back to our main point, Hutan Lipur Ekorimba Kanching,Selangor.

Me and my friends decided to take a break while having fun so we cancelled the plan to have high tea time at the Dip n Dip franchise. We chose to have fun at this place instead. Since one of us already married, she brought her husband to join us too. Honestly, I was worried because there were so many cases of Leptospirosis in Malaysia. We originally wanted to go to Ulu Yam, Selangor but since I read about cases in there so we changed to this place.

We started our journey from KL Sentral (because it is the center for all of us to meet since we stayed at different places in KL and Selangor). It was at 9am in the morning, almost 10am. After half an hour journey, we arrived the destination. There was a horrific accident near to the Pasar Besar Selayang (on our way to the destination) and I was lucky not to see the victim. My friend saw the corpse and yeah there were so much blood on the road. Fuhh I was glad not to see that or else I'll lose my appetite for a long time.

Once we arrived, we found out that we need to pay for RM2 per person as per entry. Luckily I got it free cause the keeper thought I am a  kid lol !! Idk whether to take that as a compliment or what lol.....Upon entering, we saw a big tiger plush toy in front of a food stall (idk why but once I entered the walking zone, I notice another signboard saying " Beware of snatch thief" ).

I finally noticed the monkeys there! There were so many of them!!!! They even managed to snatch away my nasi lemak I got from the food stall !! I had to eat the rest of nasi lemak quietly so that the monkeys won't take them from me. lol....I really had fun there and wish to have this kind of activity again!! That's all, let's enjoy the pictures I got here..Adios!

Wee smile :)

Blue scarf: Fatihah, me, Kak Ain and her husband, Andy

Us while trying to eat from the monkeys..lol

The scenery is beautiful and the water is clear too

Yeahhh I looove water!

That's one high hill you see..Cause there's people down there too.

The culprit is just near the signboard lol
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Potato Star?

Hello  everyone......

It's been a while.. Isn't it? I was too tired from all the work at the workplace so I don't really have time to publish new post. Currently, I was watching a Korean Drama entitled Potato Star... The drama is actually contain of 120 episodes! I actually had some urge to watch the drama because I watched the siblings fight scenes. They were edited and uploaded by other people on Facebook. So, after that I started to watch the drama. However, when I was watching episode 20 (I'm currently watching episode 16) , I realized about something.

There was something wrong because Korean drama usually has only 20 episode at maximum. However, I already watched 20 episodes but the climax was still not there. I ended up searching for the last episode and it's actually episode 120! So now, I don't have other choice but to continue as I really want to know how it ends. Some people will only watch the last episode directly but I won't do that because it's best to know the full story.

The drama is actually not a new one since it was aired in year 2013  Watching kdrama is actually fun. It reminds me a lot about my study life because I used to watch a lot of kdramas during that time. Well, I guess that's it. Adios! xx

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wisdom Teeth removal. Ouch, it hurts!

Hello everyone. I don't know what I should write now because there are a lot of things to share with you. I rarely wrote any emails or letters now so my typing speed has been broken down. But nah I don't care about that because there are a lot of stuffs that I need to write here.

As for your information, I have resigned from Telekom Malaysia Berhad as the SL1M trainee. My last day working in TM Annexe 1 was on 15th February 2017. I know that the finishing line is almost there but as I received another job offer so why don't I take the chance. I am now currently working at Schneider Electric Industries Sdn Bhd as an Estimator.

Kind of liking the job I am currently doing although it needs all my focus and I need to be careful with all the costings. Plus, a project may cost me to quote almost a hundred Distribution Board. It is a job that require me to be very specific and yeah my perfectionist personality helped me a lot.

Other than that, I also had undergone a minor oral surgical operation last Monday (20th March 2017) at Specialist Complex & Ambulatory Care Centre (SCACC) in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. It creeps me out everytime I read the ' Specialist" word and I don't know why. The thing is, I know that they are the best doctors and dentist in the town. Beforehand, I went to Bangsar Dental Clinic to check on my wisdom tooth as ulcers accumulated in my mouth because of it. But later the doctor referred me to the specialist as they unable to do the minor operation. My impacted wisdom tooth is the left down part.

I was lucky to have a female dentist named Dr. Dewi to do the operation. As far as I heard, male dentist done it rougher. I received 3 days of medical leave from the dentist. However, I still need to see the dentist again on next Monday to put the thread away. It is really uncomfortable for me now as the thread is still in my mouth. I got 2 stitches from the operation. The dentist also informed me that some part of the root is still planted in my gum. It will naturally goes out to the surface later. To be honest,it was really painful after the anesthesia gone. I cried myself until I really cannot hold it anymore. I took the pills of painkillers given by the dentist to reduce the pain.

Please make sure that you don't use any straw to drink and also keep on biting the cotton given by dentist in the first 2 hours, This is to prevent the incident happened to me on the 1st day. I thought that after biting the cotton for 2 hours will be enough. Yes it was enough but I forgot and I drank through straw. That caused my gum to bleed again. I don't know about that because I directly fell asleep after consuming the painkillers. Once I woke up, there were lots of blood in my mouth.. My sister called the hospital and they asked me to keep biting the cotton.

I only starts to use the mouthwash on Day 3. This is because I don't want my gum to start bleeding again. On day 3, I found out that the blood has already lessen in my mouth so I started using the mouthwash. That's all from me. I hope that I can recover soon and able to eat as I was before. There are plenty type of foods that /i really want to eat now. Ciao guys!

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