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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Potato Star?

Hello  everyone......

It's been a while.. Isn't it? I was too tired from all the work at the workplace so I don't really have time to publish new post. Currently, I was watching a Korean Drama entitled Potato Star... The drama is actually contain of 120 episodes! I actually had some urge to watch the drama because I watched the siblings fight scenes. They were edited and uploaded by other people on Facebook. So, after that I started to watch the drama. However, when I was watching episode 20 (I'm currently watching episode 16) , I realized about something.

There was something wrong because Korean drama usually has only 20 episode at maximum. However, I already watched 20 episodes but the climax was still not there. I ended up searching for the last episode and it's actually episode 120! So now, I don't have other choice but to continue as I really want to know how it ends. Some people will only watch the last episode directly but I won't do that because it's best to know the full story.

The drama is actually not a new one since it was aired in year 2013  Watching kdrama is actually fun. It reminds me a lot about my study life because I used to watch a lot of kdramas during that time. Well, I guess that's it. Adios! xx


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