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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*Junhyung’s fact * LOVE MY BIAS!

# ” I can’t express my love enough for B2UTIES” –junhyung-

# Junhyung wants to be a music producer in future

# Junhyung and DooJoon very loves cola

#His real name is Yong JaeSoon. He change his name when 6th grade

# Junhyung has one younger brother. His nam is Yong HyukSoon a.k.a Yong Jun Hyuk

# Junhyung is a gadgetman. He has 3 phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Galaxy S) and an iPad

#Between member of BEAST, he has most job

#Underground music is really board. Hardcore punk, and sometimes rock with rap. Yes, Junhyung loves it

# Junhyung loves hats. But he mentions that he doesn’t have much to collect

#”9 guys (6 member, 3 manager) altogether in our dorm. They don’t even bother cleaning after they eat. So i must pick it alone” – Junhyung-

# Junhyung is a mommy boys. He love his mom a lot. His mom chose a tattoo for Junhyung personally

#Junhyung mentions that he writes his lyrics based on his feelings and past memories

#”i usually writing my rap lyrics for the part i rap. But for Hyuna’s Change and K.Will’s gift, i was unable to” –Junhyung-

#Junhyung is a big fans of supreme team

#Junhyung was also appreared in Kikwang’s sitcom “High kick” as a shy and embarrassed actor

#Junhyung had the nickname of “fatty tongue” due to the syllables in his rap

#in Xing, his nickname is Popping dragon

#He likes a girl who tall but not taller than him with swagger personality, and know how to dance

#”Girls with a good personality are really hard to be with me. I don’t wanna hurt her” –Junhyung-

#In the past, he had left with his girlfriend. So now, he’s very difficult to undergo a realationship with a girl. (GOOD NEWS FOR B2UTIES. Khekeke~)

#now, he incorporated of the “FADDY ROBOT FOUNDATION” with HyunA, Outsider, Vasco, etc.

#”My mom said, ‘when you become famous people who always with you is your fans. So you must threat them as your girlfriend’”-junhyung-

# Junhyung wants to be friends with the members eternally, He always to be with BEAST. Apparently, he can’t be separated from the other member (specially Yoseob) for more than a week

#Junhyung Plans to have a children when he gets married

#”when i was marry, i will building a little house in village, without air pollution, and has a scenery in future. I live there with my wife and my son and we live peacefully” (so romantic ♥)

# Junhyung cleans & nags everyday. He nags after he does cleaning.

# Junhyung cuss when he nags

# Junhyung thinks he cooks the best. He also said the members cook without using their heads and brains

# Junhyung enjoys listening to Bon Jovi songs

# Junhyung indirectly admits that he is weird by saying that he feels great when he inhale dust

# Junhyung rambles out nonsensical things when he is sleepy.

# Junhyung is grateful that the members accept maturely the fact that he loves to complain and nag.

#Junhyung cussed out when the shampoo has finished and he couldn’t find a new one in the bathroom

#Junhyung thinks that his hands look prettier with accessories.

# Junhyung had once asked whether they are allowed to curse on TV eventhough he knows the answer to the question.

# Junhyung wrote almost all of rap lyrics in 1st and 2nd mini albums.

# Junhyung is pretty good in drawing.

# Junhyung thinks that Doojoon is a great alarm clock

# Junhyung’ mother hates her son’s shaved head, that she even cried because of it.

# Junhyung often wears the sunglasses given by Yoseob.

# Dr Dre Headphones is one of the must-bring-anywhere-you-go items for Junhyung.

# Junhyung has been using his Gucci wallet for five years.

# Junhyung & F.Cuz Jinon are close friends. they are both from Ahnyang Arts High School. MBLAQ’s Yang Seungho is also a sunbaenim (senior) to both of them.

# The thoughts of quitting had few times crossed Junhyung’s mind. However, because of his strong passion towards music, he started to evolve a “this or nothing at all” perspective.

# Yong Sama & Yongjun are among Junhyung’s most well-known nicknames. Yong Junhyung was misheard as ‘Yongjun hyung’ by some of the fans. That was how the name Yongjun came up.

Cr: yong jun hyung page, b2stfact, junseob page

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