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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Profile of Jun Hyung

Junhyung is a neat freak and naggy towards the others about getting trivial, daily things done, but has been described as lazy himself by Doojoon. He's a pretty dominant guy, actually and this is probably why he's vice-leader. He's tougher than Doojoon and seems to be willing to use more forceful methods to get the others to follow him and his commands. He's not a perfectionist or anything though and is the type who believes that doing something as long as possible doesn't work, and that you have to put your heart in it or something. He can be pretty serious about things, but he has a sense of humor and likes to joke around just like the others. He seems like someone pretty confident in his capabilities actually, and doesn't seem to show any insecurity (at least in public).

Obviously has that swagger, and has dated more girls than you could count on your "fingers, toes, and teeth". He's probably better than someone like Hyunseung at getting along with people, and has tons of connections due to both his personality/charisma and the high school he went to (since it seems like at least one member of every kpop group had someone going there or knew someone from there or something).

He could also be seen as a bit of an attention-whore since he keeps photo-bombing pictures, but that's probably his playful side more than his prideful one.

Fashionista although probably of a different breed than someone like GDragon lol. Likes hats a lot for some reason. He prefers going for looks that are both comfortable but out of the ordinary. He's said that he doesn't want to be the typical good-looking guy, and he has the confidence to pull off looks like his partially shaved hairstyles and his mohawk thing. (I personally think this might stem back from his time as a member of Xing. He pretty much was pulling off the pretty boy look back then, and maybe he just wasn't satisfied with it and is venting now. I'm not sure, the Xing days are a mystery.)

He also does this weird "inspection period" thing where he just watches you for days, trying to figure you out before bothering to become friends with you, which can scare people away. He's supposed to be 'fun and energetic' once that period is over. He can tell a lot just from watching people in action and getting information out of it. So he seems rather analytical in how he chooses his friends and acquaintances, but I think that's a random quirk more than anything.

He's probably the most creative member of Beast, if I think about it. He helps with the choreography like the others, participates in his own concept image like the others, but then he works on song lyrics too. He doesn't seem like the type of person who can be a genius and just come up with things on his own though. He has to use the information/experiences he's gathered or his own imagination to come up with ideas, and he seems to require the presence of another person (Shinsadong Tiger or Yoseob) to help him think better.

I guess this makes him dependent on the people around him. He's confident in himself, but he seems to understand that he shines best when he's working with (or using) other people, and this has spread to other parts of his life (um. the cleaning). The fact that Junhyung seems so comfortable with himself is probably his charm, and it really does look like he's confortable with most things about himself. I think the main ambiguous thing about Junhyung is the Xing issue, but that's probably because I didn't personally keep up with him back then and I haven't been able to find information about him.

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