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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


     Okay,hi everyone..I’m writing here again…I have just got back from my math class when I’m currently  writing this.Now,I’m alone in this house as my housemates does not come back home yet..I got so bored so I wrote this.

     Right now,I’m alone so I took the advantage to listen to my favourite song FICTION –B2ST! I PLAYED THE TRACK LOUDLY IN THIS ROOM! HAHA…Yeah..I really like that song.Another song from the new album of B2ST is The Fact and Freeze..[I REALLY LOVE THE TWO SONGS TOO!!]

     It’s just that I want to tell you here that I am really happy living in my new place of study.UiTM PUNCAK ALAM.I love to stay here as I really want to further my studies in university.I still remember when I was 16 years...I need to go to UTM SKUDAI for doing my second assignment in my life..[You,Malaysians will be surprised right?SECOND ASSIGNMENT? How would that be?Yeah,MARA students will know why it be like that :)

Actually,I was a former student of MARA JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLEGE for about 5 years..I started to be one of MARA student when I am in Form 1(2006).I have entered MARA JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLEGE KUALA KLAWANG,somewhere in Negeri Sembilan.However,after getting good result in PMR,I was offered to enter MARA JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLEGE TAIPING,Perak.I have been studied there for 2 years and ended my schooldays last year when I finished my SPM(2010).

However,I have stayed at home for about 5 months before I got offered to further my studies in UiTM Puncak Alam.This is because I need to wait for my SPM result.What I did in the two months earlier was only wasting my time for getting online EVERYTIME and got scolded with my dad.Then,I was asked by my dad to find for a job.I got it! Yeah...What?You want to read about my experiences during my working days?Okay,just click the number 1   2   3    4 

That's all about my working days...Let's come back to the topic now..After I stopped working,my dad did asked me to join him to learn Arabic Language.I wanted to but I already got the offer from Matrikulasi Negeri  Sembilan to further my studies there in Sciences for one year.CLICK HERE to see the offer letter.When I got the online offer letter,I was delighted because the Matrikulasi is not that far from my house.

However,I have cancelled my plan to study in Matrikulasi and continue my studies in UiTM Puncak Alam.CLICK HERE to see my post about my feeling after I knew the result of UPU.

Thanks for reading.Do leave your comment. :D

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