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Saturday, June 18, 2011

B2ST’s Kikwang reveals more childhood photos on “Dalgona”

On June 17th, B2ST’s Kikwang guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” and revealed photos from his childhood.
The crew of “Dalgona” visited Naju, his hometown, and met up with Kikwang’s family members and close friends.  Kikwang revealed that he had grown up at his grandma’s house as a child, so producers were able to specially visit his grandma.  When asked what Kikwang was like, his grandma replied, “He didn’t listen a lot, but he did listen when you told him something.”
When asked to elaborate, she continued, “When he was little, he did things that he knew would get him in trouble.  He listened to you after he would get hit, though.”
Kikwang explained, “I was a curious child but always ended up breaking everything I touched.  My grandma and grandpa hit me a lot for that.”
His grandma added, “His dongsengs always listened well, but Kikwang would run away when you tried to discipline him.  I would chase him until I caught him.”

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