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Friday, June 10, 2011


Day 1: Your favourite Beast member(s) and why
Yong Junhyung - He looks so charismatic when he do his rapping parts and acting.
Son Dongwoon - He seems to be matured.
Yang Yoseob - He is so cute and really a good dance copier too.

Day 2: Your favourite Beast song(s)
Fiction,I Like You The Best,The Fact,Soom

Day 3: A Beast song that reminds you of someone

Day 4: Your favourite Beast song(s) for you to sing
I Like You The Best,Fiction,Soom,Special

Day 5: Best singer in Beast
Yang Yoseob,but I prefer Junhyung's raps

Day 6: Best dancer in Beast
Jang Hyunseung...

Day 7: A Beast member you want to be BFFs with
Son Dongwoon! He is really friendly.

Day 8: A Beast member you want to go shopping with
Yong Junhyung.Isn't it's great for having him as my boyfriend??hehe

Day 9: The member you think is most easily shipped
Son Dongwoon! Because he was already been shipped by Shin Bongsun noona in Idol Maid.

Day 10: Your favourite OTP
The Leader-> Doo Joon ♥

Day 11: An OTP you don’t like

Day 12: Your favourite Beast quote(s)/interview(s)
 "We want to be a group loved for a long time. For example, if we were praised for our music, but it was for a short time, we would be sad. That is why we want to be active as BEAST as long as possible"- Yong Junhyung-

"Hello, currently in charge of nagging, this is Yong Junhyung."-Yong Junhyung-

Day 13: The member you think is funniest
Lee GiKwang

Day 14: Your favourite variety show cut
Idol Maid

Day 15: A Beast member you’d kiss
Day 16: A Beast member you’d play the ‘I Love You’ game with
 Yong Junhyung
Day 17: A Beast member you’d date but in secret
Son Dongwoon

Day 18: A Beast member you’d date out in the open
Yong Junhyung

Day 19: A Beast member you’d bring home

Day 20: A Beast member you’d go clubbing with
Yang Yoseob

Day 21: Your favourite thing about Son Dongwoon?
He is really cute when he smiles :)

Day 22: Your favourite thing about Yang Yoseob?
He really know how to copy dance steps!

Day 23: Your favourite thing about Yong Junhyung?
A really good rapper! I just can't force myself to do his rap parts! It's really fast!

Day 24: Your favourite thing about Lee GiKwang?
Very polite person.

Day 25: Your favourite thing about Yoon DooJoon?
A really good leader!

Day 26: Your favourite thing about Jang Hyun Seung?
Day 27: A Beast member you’d want as a brother
Hm. Yoon DooJoon.

Day 28: Your perfect day with Beast
Hanging out with them! Have a blast with the roller-coaster!!

Day 29: Your perfect date with your Beast bias
Having a whole day date with Yong Junhyung!

cr to : kimmy.
p/s : please don't be jealous of me.
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