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Monday, June 6, 2011

For Today's Words

Okay readers...actually I want to write this post at night but I was forced by my best friend.So,kimmy! This post was written earlier because of you..HAHA..

Actually the main reason that I want to write is I want to tell you about the things happened for today..I am so glad and grateful that I'm still alive until the now..[huh?! Really don't have any connection with the thing that I want to write,,hehe :D

Okay,I just want to tell you about the part of myself.


1.Last beverage : Sky Juice.
2.Last phone call : My dad.
3.Last text message : My classmate in UiTM Puncak Alam,Sarah.
4.Last song you listened to : On Raining Days - B2ST
5.Last time you cried : Last two days[because my two brothers,Izul n Irul were going to Pahang while I am going back home.Really missed them!]


6.Dated someone twice : No
7.Been cheated on : I dont remember
8.Kissed someone and regretted it : No
9.Lost someone special : Yes
10.Been depressed : Sometimes.especially when I got too many homeworks !
11.Been drunk and threw up : No and never ever will


12. First rank --> PURPLE..when you entering my room all that you will find that it was full with purple !
13. Red
14. Blue


15.Made a new friend : Yes..So many of them actually,,hehe :D
16.Fallen out of love : No
17.Laughed until you cried : Yes,,especially when my brother made me laugh
18.Met someone who changed you : Yes...
19.Found out who your true friends were : Yes
20.Found out someone was talking about you : Yes...And he is my dad!
21.Kissed anyone in your friend's list : No
22.How many people on your friends list do you know in real life : Most of them
23.How many kids do you want to have : Four, two boys and two girls :)l
24.Do you have any pets : Yes. Two Fighting fish!
25.Do you want to change your name : No because I love the meaning of it and my parents gave me the name..
26.What did you do for your last birthday : crying and smiling [when I got the presents,,hehe]l
27.What time did you wake up today : 6.30 am
28.What were you doing at midnight last night : Blogging, SMSing,Facebook-ing, and doing Mathematics Tutorial.
29.Name something you CANNOT waiting for : B2ST's is coming to Malaysia!
30.Last time you saw you mother : Yesterday.
31.What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life : My attitude
32.What are you listening to right now. Sound of the fan..Really?haha
33.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom : Talked to?never but I have tweeting with Tom Andrews on Twitter.
34.What's getting on your nerves right now : About my family especially my dad.[psst:I am really good with my dad!]
35.Most visited webpage : Facebook,Blogger,Twitter,Formspring.
36.Whats your real name : Nur Shafiqqah Muhamad Shafie.
37.Nicknames : Iqqa,Shafiqqah,Kay Aiden,Pika,Shafiq,Shaf,Splat,Kikie[Urgh..so many nicknames! My friends love to give me new nicknames -,-]
38.Relationship status : SINGLE yet not available
39.Zodiac sign : Pisces
40.Male or female : Female
41.Elementary : Tadika Kemas BN PGA 12 Sibu,Sarawak,Malaysia.
42.Middle school : SK South Miri,Sarawak and then moving to SK Undang Jelebu.
43.High school/college : SMKA Pedas / MRSM Kuala Klawang / MRSM Taiping 
44.Hair color : Black
45.Long or short : Long-straight hair.
46.Height : 150 cm, I'm short but I'm grateful because I have shorter centre of gravity[physics term],so I am more stable than higher people..HAHA..
47.Do you have a crush on someone : Not yet[still finding,,,HAHA]
48.What do you like about yourself? : Almost everything except my laziness..LOL
49.Piercings : Yes
50.Tattoos : No and never do it.It's hurt [I think?because I saw the process of making it.It's seems really painful]
51.Righty or lefty : Both.[My dad shows me how and now I can do it already]

52.First surgery : Never
53.First piercing : Don't remember.
54.First best friend : Afni.[my best friend in Tadika.have lost contact with her already T.T]
55.First sport you joined : Running?HAHA
56.Fist vacation : Sarawak! Since I was a small kid.
58.First pair of trainer : Who?HAHA


59.Eating : No
60.Drinking : No
61.I'm about to : Update my lovely blog.
62.Listening to : The silent
63.Waiting : to get my bath,,HAHA


64.Want kids? : Of course ! haha
65.Get Married? : A must !
66.Career? : Lecturer / Dentist / Doctor


67.Lips or eyes : Eyes, huhu
68.Hugs or kisses : Hugs :P
69.Shorter or taller : Taller
70.Older or younger : I prefer older and not more than 5years :D
71.Romantic or spontaneous : More to spontaneous
72.Nice stomach or nice arms : Both
73.Sensitive or loud : Both
74.Hook-up or relationship : Relationship
75.Trouble maker or hesitant : Neither


76.Kissed a stranger : Never[For what?! Crazy thing if I really do that!]
77.Drank hard liquor : NEVER! OF COURSE NOT!!!
78.Lost glasses/contacts : Once but I get it back when I am already bought a new one..
80.Broken someone's heart : Yeah..
82.Been arrested : Nope.I am a good girl although sometimes I love to ride the motorcycle without license.HAHA
83.Turned someone down : Yeah and I'm sorry
84.Cried when someone died : Yes and it's really made me sad.
85.Fallen for a friend? : Yes but I quickly made my mind that he will only be my friend :D


86.Yourself : Yes
87.Miracles : No
88.Love at first sight : Maybe.I don't know
89.Heaven : Yes
90.Santa Claus : No
92.Angels : Yes


94.Had more than 1 gf/bf at a time : Yes, long time ago and now I am single.
95.Did you sing today? : No but I did karaoke last Saturday...[with my beloved dad]
96.Ever cheated on somebody? : White lies.
97.If you could back in time, how far would you go? : Childhood
98.If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? : The time when I met him[the person that I hate because I really hope that I can kill him that day,,HAHA *cruel eyes]
99.Are you afraid of falling in love? : Yes. Always.And I really hope that the person for me is a good person :D

Thanks for reading.Do leave your comment. :D

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