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Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeah..the fifth day of work..

Anneyong haseyo~~ I have something to tell you readers..Its all about my works for today..lol..As always,early in the morning I wake up and pray for my SPM result and for something else too..9AM-I started my duty as the assistant..Well,there are always some stories for you dear..Nowadays,I love to share about my working experiences with you..I really hope that you will enjoy reading my posts especially when listening to SPECIAL-BEAST!! J
Okay,back to what I want to tell you the most right now..My working hours for today..After sweeping the floor,I have to make sure that all things in the mini market to be arranged neatly.Finished! I hope that I can get a rest for a while but…I was asked to make sure that the refrigerator is full with the beverages..Okay okay..I ‘ll do it..When its done,I finally have my rest for about a few minutes..(Okay la dari takde rehat langsung..)
But,after a few hours..(lepas aku dah tampal harga barang and macam macam lagi) Suddenly a customer came and bought a soya drink..Then,he left..I thought it was normal but he came back and told my boss that the drink has spoiled..OH NO!! I AM THE ONE THAT HAS BEEN ASKED TO FILL THE REFRIGERATOR WITH THE DRINKS!! Okay,I think that I am going to be a dead meat..I just look at my boss and doing anything else..(buat buat taktau..haha) I am just lucky..lol..He does not take it serious..
Then(1pm already),I went out for my lunch,read my friend’s blog(kimmy..I love her post J)and done something else(no need to know lah..hehe) 2pm, I went back to work..Aunty asked me to arrange the onions(onions again!!) While I am busy with the onions,suddenly a man came and asked me “Adik kerja sini ke?”..I just answered “haah,baru lagi..Tengah tunggu keputusan spm.Boring duduk rumah je.”Then,we have a short chat.
He also asked about my father(luckily,he knew my father)Besides that,he also gave me encouragement to stay working..he said “Adik kerja la elok elok.Bagus kerja ni.Jangan asyik bergantung harap pada ibubapa.Abang dulu pun sebelum dapat kereta dan rumah sendiri,abang ada kerja susah.Kena angkat galah ke hulu ke hilir.(maybe dia kerja mengait buah kelapa sawit) Nasib abang baik dan abang dapat masuk kerja PENJARA(salah satu perkhidmatan awam).” I just nodded myself(sebab taktau nak cakap apa dah).
Okay,that is the 1st and 2nd story,this is the 3rd and the last one..keke..Okay,the story begins..That time,I don’t have any work to do..A woman came and she told aunty that she wanted to buy macaroni.Unfortunately,aunty does not know what macaroni is.Then,she asked me.So,I just tell her about what macaroni’s looks like.Only after that,she understand and give the macaroni to the woman.At that time,I’ve learnt a new Chinese word..KUNG SIN FUN..Aunty told me that is what Chinese people called macaroni..Oh,now I knew the reason why she could not find it at first.Because she called it with different name. J

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