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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hutan Lipur Kanching, Rawang, Selangor

Oh hi everyone.. It's been a while now. I don't want to write that long but I really do hope I can write everyday like this... I am really busy with work now since I am currently working with a multinational company as an estimator. Everyday is about work and projects....

It's tiring but I do learn a lot from my boss. How I wish he had more time in the office...He's very busy with meetings (internally and also with clients) so I don't really have much time to study more...So yeah I am not gonna write long about my work here but let's just get back to our main point, Hutan Lipur Ekorimba Kanching,Selangor.

Me and my friends decided to take a break while having fun so we cancelled the plan to have high tea time at the Dip n Dip franchise. We chose to have fun at this place instead. Since one of us already married, she brought her husband to join us too. Honestly, I was worried because there were so many cases of Leptospirosis in Malaysia. We originally wanted to go to Ulu Yam, Selangor but since I read about cases in there so we changed to this place.

We started our journey from KL Sentral (because it is the center for all of us to meet since we stayed at different places in KL and Selangor). It was at 9am in the morning, almost 10am. After half an hour journey, we arrived the destination. There was a horrific accident near to the Pasar Besar Selayang (on our way to the destination) and I was lucky not to see the victim. My friend saw the corpse and yeah there were so much blood on the road. Fuhh I was glad not to see that or else I'll lose my appetite for a long time.

Once we arrived, we found out that we need to pay for RM2 per person as per entry. Luckily I got it free cause the keeper thought I am a  kid lol !! Idk whether to take that as a compliment or what lol.....Upon entering, we saw a big tiger plush toy in front of a food stall (idk why but once I entered the walking zone, I notice another signboard saying " Beware of snatch thief" ).

I finally noticed the monkeys there! There were so many of them!!!! They even managed to snatch away my nasi lemak I got from the food stall !! I had to eat the rest of nasi lemak quietly so that the monkeys won't take them from me. lol....I really had fun there and wish to have this kind of activity again!! That's all, let's enjoy the pictures I got here..Adios!

Wee smile :)

Blue scarf: Fatihah, me, Kak Ain and her husband, Andy

Us while trying to eat from the monkeys..lol

The scenery is beautiful and the water is clear too

Yeahhh I looove water!

That's one high hill you see..Cause there's people down there too.

The culprit is just near the signboard lol

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