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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Work Pressure and My Driving License journey :)

Hi again,

       Now I am feeling this again. I want to write again. I want to be like how I was before. There are times that I really want to use English as my 2nd language daily but it's kinda weird to use it when you meet people who uses Malay language as mother tongue.

       Can I post everyday again? Hm I am not sure myself. Been alone quite some time now makes me feel lonely too. I was unable to go back to my hometown for almost a month now and my roommates weren't here too. All of them recently quit their job and went back to their hometown. I don't really know when will they be back here...

       As for my work surrounding...I keep saying to myself that I love my job... Lol yeah  because there were so much pressure at work especially during tender closing period. There'll be like tonnes of DB drawings that I need to quote their prices to the clients. I feel like my brain is going to be burst out of the tension. I think I really need someone who can lend their ears and time to spend with.

       I am currently holding all these to myself because I don't want to burden my family and friends about my issues.Hmm by the way, there is actually one thing that I want to share here. Today, I passed my computer test for my car driving license! I managed to obtain 49/50 marks! I think that was awesome lol but yeah I do think the questions were easier than the one I took in 2013.(for my motorcycle license).

       The test only took about half an hour but yeah I already took the day off from my boss so.... I just went back home and rest for the day. I already paid half of the fee for the LDL license to be ready and need to pay another half when it's ready. They said it's going to be ready in 10 days from now. Cannot wait!!!!

Yeah I passed this test already :)
My test result :)

This was taken on the KPP01 talk day :) 

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