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Friday, March 4, 2011


Today,my family has made a special birthday celebration for me :D
I was so shocked when I entered the house..That time,6:05pm..I went back home from my workplace..I really wanted to arrive earlier because the cloud is getting darker and darker..I am afraid if it will raining..
Fortunately,I arrived my home safely..I felt so weird because the house is so quiet..Where is everybody?? Where have they been??I entered the house carefully and what I found out was only a dark surrounding..
Then,I was startled by a bright light in the dining room...I called my famil
y members with their names..There were no answer..I just went to the dining room to search for them..Suddenly my father
came out and said… ‘Happy Birthday,Iqqah. Izzul,Irrah,Irrul..cepat keluar..Oh! Actually they were hiding in a room.. I was so surprised.
These are the pictures of the event J

Thank you so much to my dearest family for the special event :D


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