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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi everybody...

       It's good to write here again.I love to update this blog but I am afraid if I just cannot do it frequently like I always did :'( My life inUiTM Puncak Alam gets tougher from day to day.I am going to undergo lots of quizzes[which all of it are for my coursework marks].The coursework marks are really important to me as the marks will be used to calculate my Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA).

      The marks will be taken as 50 percents plus with another 50 percent from the final examination marks.I wish that I could get 4.00 pointer.Wish me luck ok :) I will take the final examination in September 2011..It is just around the corner but I still have time to be online right?[What a lazy girl I am] *Sigh*

      I should stop from getting online everyday but I just can't do that because I love to be online.I think that it is necessary for me to check on my emails,my facebook account,my twitter account and downloading some other things.I think this is one of my bad habit since I have finished SPM last year.It's okay for me to be online at home that time because I don't have any other things to do.However,I have started my university life as a student.So,I should stop from doing that.

     I realise about this bad habit and I am going  to change it.However,it will be a bit difficult as my netbook is still with me here.I am thinking of sending it back to my parents but I still need it to check on my i-learn website [a website that is made specially for UiTM student.

           Oh never mind then..I think I will manage my time more wisely after this :D

psst : tomorrow,my parents are coming over !! I just can't wait to see them :

                                     Thanks for reading.Do leave your comment. :D

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