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Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello there..I have been tagged! And it was B2ST ! Gomawo to YURI dongsaeng,, :D (she tagged me)

Let's begin!

=>Siapa hubby korang dalam beast?

Of course--->YONG JUNHYUNG

=>Kenapa korang minat dia?

Sebab dia sangat berbakat! I really love when he do his rappings..he looked so charismatic when he do that.. xD

=>5 lagu beast yang korang minat


=>Selain dia,korang minat sapa lagi?

- hehe..person that have the same nickname with me(also my bestfriend)KIKI!! -->LEE GIKWANG..!

=>Upload gambar hubby korang yang paling comel

=>Slalu tak tengok mv B2st kat youtube?

-Tak sangat..ske download terus..haha..Then tengok balik beribu-ribu kali..huhu

=>Siapa kawan korang yang minat dekat beast?

-Kimmy Aiden! kami berdua sangat suka BEAST...kpop lover la katakan..

=>Dia minat sapa?

- Lee Gikwang! because his smile really make her heart burst..

=>Bila kali terakhir korang tengok MV B2ST?

- Pagi tadi..huhu

=>Tagkan kepada 6orang

-B2ST fans :)


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