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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The TOP 3 of MY favourites!!!

We always heard people talking about their favourite..Actually,what is FAVOURITE ???
1) Favourite means like or really got into something\
2) It can be seen when someone really like to eat(for example),he/she will always eat and eat all the time… J
And here, I want to share about my favourites
My no 1# favourite is
I don’t remember when is the first time that I have listened to Korean pop songs.Anyway,I still remember the first Korean pop song that I have listened to.It was UNLOCK-SS501..I kept listening to it until I found another Korean pop song à HOT ISSUE-4MINUTE.From day to day,I have found so many kpop songs..And now,I think I am already become 100 percent Korean pop lover J
p/s:I have never heard about B2ST at the first time I listened to Korean pop songs..All I know was only about SUPER JUNIOR..So sad. Isn’t it? *because SUJU is too hot that time!
My 2nd favourite is
RED,BLUE and PURPLE colour!
I really love this three colours..I just can’t take my eyes off from anything that is so beautiful in those colours.Just give me any of it J I will love it so much!
The third favourite is
I am really addicted to him.LOL. The first time I knew about him was when I bought the MALAY EPOP in JULY 2009.There is an article about B2ST that has visited MALAYSIA for the first time.I have got their BIG POSTER and I just read the article as there was nothing important for me to know about B2ST(Actually,that time I was really new to Korean pop industry and I only cares about SUJU).Well, my first impression towards JUNHYUNG is “Oh ,what a very small eyes he has.”LOL.
p/s :Anyway,I like him because of his talents at the first place! Please remember that,okay...
Okay guys,thanks for reading…That’s the TOP 3 of my favourites

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