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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Wow!! He is so charismatic! Really like his style though..Even his style is just like my favourite personàYONG JUNHYUNG..

He is a newcomer in kpop industry..But I like his way of rapping..Really like his new song-I’m still fly..

When I heard that title,I suddenly remembered a song was made by a b2uty for Junhyung..I AM FEELIN’ SO FLY LIKE YONG JUNHYUNG..
I’m suddenly thinking of a post like ‘IM FEELIN’ SO FLY AND STILL FLY LIKE YONG JUNHYUNG N ZICO’!!! HAHA..

Maybe some of you still don’t know who is ZICO right?He is a member of BLOCK B boy group..He is the leader of the group and also the rapper for BLOCK B…He is very young as he is only 19yrs..

During his trainee days,a chaos occurred because of his style..There were some of Junhyung fans that are not satisfied with him..They said that Zico has stole Junhyung’s style..

However,I don’t care as everybody has their own talent and style,right?  Same with Zico..He has his own voice and his dance talents..His talents will not be the same as Junhyung..
And because of that,I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!


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