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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something that struck my head now!

I am sitting alone in my room when I am typing this..Anyway,it’s raining..I am really blur about what I want to tell you now but I am already missed to post at this beloved blog..

I know that one day I will get too busy until I will not be able to write here anymore.. T.T I really wanted to continue my studies in any universities..I have told you about my SPM results *a big examination in Malaysia(for those that didn’t know about what SPM is).I really hope that I will be accepted to further my studies,,Readers,wish me luck,okay…

I know that one day I will left my kpop world..I will become a matured woman*it doesn’t mean that I am a child now..hehe..Because of that,I will use my teenage time to discover the kpop world..

That’s the reason that makes me love kpop so much at this time xD I will stay loving it until the time come..In order to leave kpop,I have control myself from watching any Korean dramas..If not,I will get involved with Korean actress or actors.Then,I will memorize their names and their part in the dramas..This will ruined me more..*my parent always forbid me from watching their variety shows too T.T but I still watch them (what a stubborn girl,right?hehe)

Now,I am only keep myself busy with kpop songs..As for me,that will be enough..My parent does not like kpop and they hate it.They always scolded me because I love kpop..They keep encouraged me to listen to English songs..Okay,I love English songs too..It’s just that I love kpop more :’(

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