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Monday, May 16, 2011

21st May 2011 The Registration Day [WISH ME LUCK!]

I have told you that I am going to further my studies at UiTM Puncak Alam in my last post.. I am really worried and flutter when I am thinking of it..I have been staying at home for almost 5months and now I am going to use my brain to memorize things again~

That's really make me feel anxious.Besides,I will find more friends there..Actually I am not good with strangers..I will become very careful and silent when I met new people..But I will become a talkative person once I know them. :D

I really hope that my studies will ended succesfully next year.. I am afraid if I could not extend my studies after this..Because of that,I will do my very best in every examinations..I knew that the life at university is different than  the life in high school.It will be more released,relax and fun..We also didn't have to obey so many rules because the rules in university is not tough as in high school.

I have a dream which is I am really longing for studying in Australia..I have kept the dream since I am fifteen..I really hope that I can continue my studies there one day :)

Dear readers,please don't be worry if I am not going to update this blog because it will never happen..I will always find my leisure time to tell you new stories..But maybe I just can't update the blog frequently because I will be very busy with my schedule after this..Anyway,I will still update the blog during weekends.. :) *I really hope that I can do that..

Okay,I think this is enough already,,,Gotta go now,,See ya!! 

kay aiden

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Dieya said...

wish u luck and happines at uitm !! ganbate dear !!

Kay Aiden said...

thanks dieya!! :D goodluck in your studies too!! ^^

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