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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm at home

Okay,,,I have done like what I have told you already that I want to update this blog during this weekend..In this entry,I just want to share about my days at home.Well,this is my blog.So,I'm free to write whatever I want :D

3th June 2011,my parents together with my sisters fetched me to go back home in Negeri Sembilan,Malaysia.I am really excited.However,something happened and I am really depressed about it.We have been stucked at Saujana Utama for almost an hour because of that incident.I really hope that everything will be fine after this.

We finally arrived home at 12.00 midnight.Such a tiring day for me.Can you please imagine....I have my first class for the day at 8.30am and the last class ended at 4.00pm.After that,I was having a short journey from Puncak Alam,Kuala Selangor to Jelebu,Negeri Sembilan..[Is it a short journey??urmm..I'm not quite sure...About 3hours journey].

4th June 2011,there was nothing interesting except I have the opportunity to be a REMP-IT girl in the morning...haha..I went to a shop selling handphones and other phone accessories.The shop is near to my house and I really want to make an effort going there by motorcycle..Psst : I don't even have my own license yet.HAHA..My dad didn't think it too serious so I just took the key and VROOM~haha...I was really enjoyed my own ride..

I have already done SOME of my homeworks,*or I just can simply say it as my assignments.LOL..Only SOME OF IT??!! what a lazy girl I am..HAHA..Okay,back to the evening...I was doing nothing except going out for a walk with my family members and also have some time to KARAOKE!! *my favourite too ^-^  please guess the songs~IT'S MAHER ZAIN's songs![my dad requested for that,okay] And also some of DATO' SITI NURHALIZA's songs[when it comes to my turn..and honestly,MY VOICE was really not as good as hers..HAHA,,so bad so bad].

Oh I love this weekend~

Karaoke??! Like this? HAHA
Psst : I'm not a 'minah remp-it' la.. 

Thanks for reading.Do leave your comment. :D

2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Kimmy said...

untunglah balik rumah boleh merempit. untunglah ayat "untunglah" ni dah lame gila haha

Kay Aiden said...

hahahha.....okay okay...eh,ko comment tepat kul 1.00pagi laa..right timing,,haha

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