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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This really broke my heart :(

I am really shocked when I knew that my bias --> JUNHYUNG a.k.a. JOKER has already confirmed that he is dating with Goo Hara from KARA.... I knew about this when I got a message from my friend while waiting for my first class,Physics class started..

When I arrived my room after my last class of the day,I quickly search about this and the news is true!They really dating for about a month already...I am quite shocked to know this but I will just wish that he will be happy with Goo Hara..Having him as my boyfriend is such a REALLY BIG DREAMS only..haha

You can read more by... CLICK HERE to read the full story from allkpop.com...
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naqib rahim said...


Kay Aiden said...

huhuhuhu...itu bias aje...tadela sedih sgt sbenarnya...hohohho xD

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