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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 YEAHHH...Please BE QUIET as Joker on the twack...Opsss track...hihihihi xD

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Okay,,,I felt in love with the new electric dance track by Kim Wan Sun collaborated with Junhyung(MY BIAS IN BEAST yeah!).I'm truly waiting for it..Junhyung has tweeted about it on his official own Twitter account..At first,me myself and other b2uties thought that he might have tweeted that because of Hara.We thought that Hara might have babbling to him and he wanted her to shut up LOL..We thought it that way cause on the night he tweeted that,there were a match between Manchester City and Manchester United..Maybe he want to focus on that match..HAHA..

However,we got that wrong ㅎㅎㅎ.It's because 'BE QUIET' was released and  yeah I love it sooo much now!! I love pop song, some of techno and this electric dance track also took my heart away nowww...Hehe..i kept playing this song and also some songs from Greyson Chance...Anyway,about this song..I truly love it when Junhyung want to say "Hello,Joker on the track!" cause the 'track' sounded like twack..haha[I'm sorry Jesters but that's true!kekeke..anyway,I'm a Jester too--->Love Junhyung!]

You want to hear that song??? Well,the background music of this blog...That's it!!!!



2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Kata-chan said...

Yeah, that's good song~~ :33
Junhyung ♥♥

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

Yeahh i love that song!! <3 !

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