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Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Want To Be Skinny ?? Just read this !

     Hello again..Seriously,I hate it when I have something to write but then I forgot about it when I opened the “Create New Post” tab…So,this time I won’t let it to happen again..HAHA..Okay,for today post..I’m going to share about some health tips..Hehe..

     I know there were people that have low self-esteem because of their appearance and their looks.Some of them think that they are fat and really want to be skinny..This is because human love beauty and that’s why everyone want to be beautiful.

     There were also people that have high determination to lose their weight but their weight is still the same and does not change even after they done lots of exercises..Well,we always heard that exercises can give a big help in order to lose weight.However,you would never knew the other reasons that make it hard for you to lose your weight.

     So now,I want to give you some reasons that prevent you to gain your target weight..Hehe…Read it carefully and you’ll know what to do next! ;)

want to be like this?? xD yeah..

First reason : Less movement.

     Hurm,what that means?It means that you are really really lazy to move your body..In other word,you are too lazy to go out and go for a walk.This always happen to a busy person.He/she keeps doing things at the office or home and become too lazy to have some fresh air outside.Please,go for a walk..It really can help you to inhale more oxygen rather than sitting on a chair and writing for your blog or tweeting on Twitter..Ops,that’s me! Hehehehe..(Hey,I love to go for jogging okay HAHA) Anyway,if only you have already going for a walk or going to the gym,doing exercises,that doesn’t give a big effect if you went to sleep and doing nothing after that..YOU NEED TO MOVE YOUR BODY ALL THE TIME..YEAH! That’s the most important thing to do..It don’t give any good if you went to walk for an hour,and then go back home,sleeping.

Second reason : Eat too much !

     You have this habit??NOOO!! YOU SHOULD HAVE CHANGED IT! This is because obese people always get used to this habit.They will love to eat a lot and in large quantity..Ahh,this is not good.When you eat too much especially the high-cholesterol meal,you really are going to be fat.You need to control you appetite and that would help.Please,again please AVOID FROM EATING  at the FRANCHISE RESTAURANT(ordering fast food) EVERYDAY.The fast food is really yummy and delicious until we can lick our fingers but it contain high calories and also MSG.That preservative is not good for health and highly not recommended to you.

Third reason : Eat while standing,watching television,etc.

     Yeah,I know many of us love to do this..HAHA..(Well,me too hahaha).However,there were also people that love to sit while eating but at some circumstances,they can’t do it because maybe at that moment,the chairs is not enough for everybody.That will be a reasonable reason.Do you know that if you are eating while standing,you will not focus to the food that you’re eating.This will cause you to eat more and more.You will not be aware of the quantity of the food that you have eaten.Lastly,you will end up eating more without knowing that you have eaten a lot of it.

4th reason : Always chew things.

     It’s good to have stocks of snacks like peanuts, or fruits when you are hungry.It can helps preventing you from becoming too hungry so that you will not going to take too much food during the meal time (lunch,dinner).However,it you eat the unhealthy food like the fast food or the instant mee,it will cause you to eat more during your meal time.

5th reason which is the last reason : Don’t know the exact amount of food the you’ve eaten.

     You maybe have thought that you already reduce your quantity of food from day to day.Plus,you also have chose good and healthy food so that you can prevent yourselves from high cholesterol in blood.However,you would never know the exact amount of calories inside your body.You need to burn 500 calories each day and increase you exercises every week.

     That’s all the tips from me.Do your best! I know you can do it! J

4 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Cat Is Na! said...

Trying your tips :)
Harap dapat kurangkan sikit lelemak kat badan nih hehehe :D

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

Okay..do your best okayy..good luck! :)

Kata-chan said...

Lols I'm really so laxy xd But I'll try to exercise more~

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

try it kata-chan!! hwaiting!! :)

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