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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My New Hobby LOL

     Hello Everybody..I'm sorry again for not updating this blog for a few days..It's not because I'm too busy or what but it's because I got bored.I don't have a right topic to talk about.The thing that I always do is get my self in front of the netbook and get tweeting on Twitter.What a dull life I have right?It's really boring.

     So,now I have found a new hobby.I found it's interesting when my friend suggested me.She had done it and tell me to do the same.My new hobby is making covers of my favourite songs! kekeke..At first,I am not convince with my self but after I uploaded my first cover--> Be Quiet , I think I am addicted to do more cover song after this..LOL.

     I know that my voice is not that good but I don't care much cause I did it for fun.I felt so happy after I done it..And of course,I don't want the thing that I do to be a waste.I want my friend to see it.I will be much much more happy for me when I knew that they've listened to it.[Well,my dear friends..I'm sorry for making you to listen to my ugly voice..HAHAHAHA XD]

      As for now,I have uploaded only two covers on Youtube..Don't worry...I'll upload more after this....HAHAHA..Wanna know my channel?It here--->kayjunaiden

FYI : It's really hard for me to do my second cover (Super Bass by Nicki Minaj) cause it's really fast which is faster that the rap in my first cover.However,I think what I did is the best I can do [yeah,I'm still a beginner to be a rapper LOL]

Thats it..LOVE YA <3


2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Kata-chan said...

Wow, making covers as a hobby! I bet that's nice :)
I could try too, but seriously my voice is awful and I don't say korean world's right way.. :d
But your voice isn't ugly, I think you sing pretty well :) (Yeah, I'm listening your be quiet cover) And you know how to rap too! :o I suck at rapping, but I still love it 8D

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

have you tried it? it helps to reduce the boredom.kekeke..anyway,thanks :)

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