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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hang Out ?!

Mood : Dance ? lulz.
▶Music♩♪♫♬  HOLD UP - TAKEN.

Heyya readers..Love you guys..I really glad that  I can write here today..Lulz yeah..Yeah I'm Taken already!!! <3 <3 <3 I am truly in LOVE..but who is that person will be?That's them! A new boy group -->Taken..

I really love their songs in their Single Album "Only One" and yehaa,Hold Up is the most favourite song for me...Hehehe...Okay,back to what I want to write..I want to share about what I had done yesterday.You might think that being at home for a month and a half was really boring and yeah..IT WAS!!  So yeah, I made a decision to hang out with my friends,,They asked me whether I could join them but yeah..The biggest barrier that I need to go through is MY DAD! He won't let me to go out with my friends[ cause he loves me! lol yeah].

However,after a hard day which I'm trying to seduce him [-.-] and be nice to him..At last,he let me to go out with my friends.Cool dad! I'm no longer a kid.Love ya! All that he said to me "okay,you may go and do whatever you want" [I know he didn't mean it much but what??? I still want to go.Urgh so stubborn xD ]

It was a really good day..I don't want to write more but I just want to share some pictures here :)))) [hey,god's watching you! never ever download them. -.- *hey iqqa,you're not that hot.Don't ever think people wanna save your pictures! not even once lah*perasan*]

Bee and me xD

Aww..that's an upcoming artist! lol *perasan lagi*

Do you see my leg? -.-

Peace-yoh !

Fid and Bee. <3 you girls !


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