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Friday, November 11, 2011


Oh hello again...Oh yes I want to write more..I always abandon my blog or even my diary and only write on it when the holiday is nearly ends =.=

Okay,please ignore that..Get back on track! :) I always want to write something interesting but I really don't have any good ideas..Well wait,,I want to think/hehehe/

I got it! This time I want to write something related to K-POP.. ^__^ I was going out with my friends last few days[read about it in previous post :) ] So,on that day I have bought the new EPOP MALAY( well,only Malaysian kpoppers would know that magazine kekeke) O yeah that's a K-Pop magazine..It appears to be in Malay version and also Chinese version..

So,this is it! Epop Malay NOV 2011..

This is the frontpage :)

This is the back/It has 2 cover

I'm not going to share all of the information in the magazine but only about one thing..It's about one of my favourite boy group :)) IT's B.L.O.C.K. B. --> BLOCK B!


What's the best thing happened to you guys at the hostel?

B-Bomb : It's because seven boys shared the same hostel,so sometimes,some of the members will wear other's underwear without they notice it..

Jae Hyo : Underwear is like your girlfriend.How would you take it wrongly?

B-Bomb : They love to lie that the wrong underwear was theirs..


B-Bomb,are  you really want a younger sister?

B-Bomb : In our hostel,the members always told about their quarrel with their younger sister.I don't get it.If I have a younger sister,I will do whatever she wants..

Park Kyung : You need to make her to be more determined! If it's me,I will make the rules for her.

Jae Hyo : I will never let her to go for an overnight outside.

P.O. : I will teach her to clean the dishes.Brother Zico will teach her about life.

B-Bomb : So,I will teach her how to cook the rice!

Okay,that's it..I really hope you enjoy this post. :)


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