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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm back! For my 2nd Semester 2011/2012

     Hello. Yeah. I'm back to UiTM now. At this moment,I'm writing in my own room while my roomate has already gone to sleep.Tomorrow,my first class for this semester will start. I will have my Physics lecture at 10.30am. I think tomorrow will be the most tiring day for this week.This is because the schedule for Mondays is really packed. I will have two lectures and two tutorials..

Today, I am very tired. You know why.Right? Cause I need to go on a journey back to UiTM straight away from Negeri Sembilan../yeah I'm writing it as it looks like a very long journey HAHA/It only takes about 3hours hehe..Packing up things and unpacking them back into the cupboard./HAHA macamlah banyak sangat baju aku =.=/

Oh I'm sorry my dear readers. I am really tired so I just can't think well for the writing. I need to stop.My eyes can't stand this anymore. Now,it's already 11pm and I think it's already late.I need to go to sleep now.. Good night! <3


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SaraAnELF said...

I pun msok new semm ! Malsss nyaaaa ~ You , Gud Luck :)

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