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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello again everybody :)

Okay now I want to share about my MUET. Yeah I have posted about them in my old post..You should check on it to know about what I did. Really don't have any idea about that MUET thingy? Just click here -->    CLICK ME~!

And on today, yeah on 12th January 2012, the result is out~!! I aimed for Band 4 or 5.. and I am really surprised as I passed my target! hehehe..[I am speechless at the time I see my result].It's hard for me to know my result as the line is very busy.. I keep getting the messages saying " [RM0.00] The service is not available. Please try again" That really make me feel miserable.

As happy like this?? hehehe

I keep on trying and at last... I managed to get my result :) [well yeah that's after more than 10 times already~!] LOL.. I just can't wait to know my result at that moment~! kekekeke...

FYI : Syukurlah dapat result yang diingini..hehe Sekarang ni satu syarat kelayakan untuk sambung degree dah dapat..Nak kena dapatkan 4.0flat pulakk hihi
                                                                                                              Lots of love,

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