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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm sick! :(

Hello readers. Yes,that's true..I'm not really well.I have been vomiting for 3 days and yesterday,I have been injected by the doctor with Anti-Vomit. I'm not pretty sure what is the real reason for making me ill like this.. My dad told me maybe it because I went to kayak-ing and that involved lots of energy.So for lazy people like me,that's gonna use most of my energy! Oh how sad I am right? [even the doctor is suspecting me with Asthma!]

I went to see the doctors two times! [that means two different doctors at the different time].One at the "Klinik Rakyat Doktor Rohani" and I also went to see another doctor at "Unit Kesihatan UiTM Puncak Alam". My medicines taken from the clinic costs about RM96~ Well,that's really high cost for me as a student! Luckily,the doctor gave me a discount for about RM41..So,I just need to pay RM 55..[That still high for me..I think the medicines doesn't cost that much actually but the price increase since I've taken the Asthma inhaler things too/which I need to inhale the gas at the clinic].

FYI : At this moment, I'm still not well. I have stopped vomitting but I still have lots of medicines that I need to eat them all..Plus,I don't have much appetite to eat anything..Pity me :(


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