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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last Monday :)

Hey..My one week holiday has finished already..I supposedly update my blog about this a few days before but I got really ill so I just can't be online during that time :(

I'm not doing much thing during my last week holiday except going out with my family members,watching television[my favourite channels-->HBO,KBS World,TV2,Astro Ria and S One HD..]Okay,got nothing much to share during the holiday activities but I only want to share about the last day with my family :)

I went for kayak-ing..[what is it called in English? Urgh what a bad vocabulary I have..Sorry for that ==> I'M JUST TOO LAZY TO CHECK ON IT LOL]

I don't think that I want to write a long post here so I will just post the pictures for ya! <3

Go check it below :

Peace ~! 

That's a LOVE from my youngest sister,Iezzah.

is that me? YEAH.

The red boat : my dad. Another boat? : Thats me!

My dad and my brother,Irrul.

Okay the same pose~! XD

Did you see that? That's me~!

thats me again,with Izzul [ my brother too]

hello~! PEACE~!!


We love to give people PEACE~!!

Besides that,we also went to a big Aquarium which we can found many types of fish.What makes me shocked is that most of the fish may costs about thousands bucks!

Here some of the pictures!! Cheers ~!

My mom with a big Arowana ~!

That's a blurry one...Sorry guys

Oh I forgot..what its name?

my family and I..hey where's my sister Fyra? Yeah she's taking the picture.

is that cute? LOL

I can't stand my eyes from looking at this CUTE fish!

Don't you know this fish may costs you about RM 18K ?? $.$

This Arowana is really beautiful

This one,has made it to international level~!

The same fish like the previous one

This is what it got~! If I'm not mistaken,its in 2010 ?

That's all from me for this time.. Laters <3.. keep on waiting for new posts everybody~!!!

                                                                                                           Lots of love,

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