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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hai Lagi Semangatku :)

       Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang :)  I am so sorry that I am unable to write regularly as I always did before. I have always wanted to have more time to spend with these kind of writing as my English has getting so bad right now. Hmmm....

       But anyways, who cares? Hahaha.. It is my blog, my posts and yeah lemme write just anything I want :) I have always been very busy and I really don't have much time for these and I guess my writing and typing skills has been down lately Ahahaa.. I have so much feelings inmy head during these days and I don't know why. I think I should be listening to Let It Go for so many time so that I am able to let all these go away...HAHA XD

I am missing my family so much! I have not been there in Negeri Sembilan for more than 2 months already. Right now, I am all alone in my room writing for this post. I have so many activities going on and I am really taking a break from it. Few days before,I met Yatt Hamzah for the Jejak Menara program held by the YADIM. She is so beautiful and nice. I wish I could meet her again :)

       A month before was my birthday. However, I got too busy handling events so I even forgot to write about it here.. It was a very memorable day cause I got a song wrote by my school bestfriend ! And I even got a cake from my current housemates.. And also a letter from my roommate.. Thank you friendsss.. :)

Song named 'You're My Muse" by Nurhidayah Hakimah :)

Okay I think I should end it here. I will write again soon :) Loves, xoxo...


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