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Sunday, May 25, 2014

I have the homesickness? Maybe....

       Good morning y'all ! I haven't get my breakfast yet but my fingers wanna type something so here I am early in the morning. Its Sunday morning so you can say that most of us are still sleeping on their comfy bed.

       Sorry but this time I won't type any interesting things happened to me these days. I would like to write about my feelings. Actually it is not that hard to find time to write things here but I am actually very lazy to do so. Went to many places, going through so many emotional feelings...

       Those stuffs happening lately really makes me wanna be home so bad. I don't know what to do anymore. Well yeah I am missing my family so much. Been away for so long, and mom keeps on telling me about stuffs happening at home. Those stories make me suffer a lot. lol okay no im joking hahaha not really suffering but yea I miss them.

       It seems like I love Perlis so much hahaha... I am supposed to go out for 3 trips already but eventually need to cancel them all because of the SMALL YET IMPORTANT TESTS during this two weeks SMH.. If there wasn't JPAM test yesterday, I would be in Port Dickson by now hm....Well nevermind then, there must be something more special is waiting for me so keep on smiling! :)

Not gonna post any event pictures this time so, here is my selfies! hahaaha


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