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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Talk with Aiman Azlan :) (21/5/14)

       Good morning! :) that moment when you woke up early on the holiday but couldn't get back to sleep....so here I am ever again. Since I have changed the blog's template  so my desire to write here is getting better now..

        Used to be so lazy to wrap up anything new not because I don't have any time for it but like I told you already, I am lazy to do so XD Time will always be the reason for not doing it lol....It is 2 weeks left before the classes for this 4th semester ends. Really can't wait for the holiday but....is there really a holiday waits for me?

       Hopefully there won't be too much MPP works and events during the next 3months. Yep I know the obly thing we need to sacrifice as a MPP is the TIME. Time to be with your friends, your books, your sleeping time or even the free time during the holiday with your family.

        For the last semester's one month holiday, I only managed to get back home for 4 days. It is unfortunate since my other friends keep on posting up good stuffs they've been doing and I am posting about the events I have been to during the month.

Before I ever forgets to write this again, let me write about the recent programme I went to. I went to a talk given by the famous and known Aiman Azlan. To be honest, even tho he is famous I never read his posts before (except for his sweet letter that he wrote just before he gets married about 7months ago) and I never look at any of his viral videos lol...

       However, I think it is crucial for me to listen to his talk so that is why I went to it. It was held at UniMAP's KKI (Simpang Empat) so I went there with my housemates and also with other friends. The talk was about "Kami Orang Muda" that told us off about how we can change the world and bring back our religion to the top as it was before. He gave out so many good points and facts and it was very interesting.

       Sorry but I have gotten to a point where I'd love to take selfies with the person I've met. So, here are the selfies of me and my friend with his - newlywed :)


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