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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hey hello :)

        Assalamualaikum and have a very good day people! Its almost midnight here in Malaysia or precisely the place I am in right now, Perlis. It is a few days left for me to be staying here in Perlis before going back to my hometown which is Negeri Sembilan.  Oooh yeaah!

        Idk what else to say except for the fact that i actually wrote up a fat long story for you guys but ended up that the post has been deleted. I was having some technical issues with this blogger site and it deleted the post. (still not getting over it lol).

        Mom and dad are currently waiting for me at home. Yeah my sister is at home now spending well her one month holiday. The bad news is that she will go back to her college on this 23rd where I am supposed to have my final paper.

       It seems like we are switching parts. She'll be back in Johor while I am from the North of Malaysia is going back home. Nevermind, I will try as possible that I could meet her up in Johor.

      This 5 days of gap between the papers makes me more nervous. It should end quickly as I keep on thinking of my family and I do feel like my mind isn't here anymore.

       Ok enough of rants. I had nothing else to share by now but if you wanna know what is it really goes on my mind be free to listen to Goodluck by my all time favourite Korean boy group, BEAST. CHIOWWW.


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