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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 2 (4thSemBreak) :D

         Hey there! Oh yeah my holiday started and here I am in my room writing for you guys :) Really want  to go to Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul to play with water and do that picnic thing but dad said he wanna take us there this Saturday so... Okay I'm fine haha... -___-

        Actually I have nothing to do now. I have been up doing stuffs and finally want to take a rest by watching my favourite music videos. However, someone hid the extension to my notebook and I could not find it anywhere. Urghhh ! I really cannot watch the tv right now since my little cute brother,Mujib is trying to sleep and I don't really like to watch tv with a very very slow volume. Sigh.

        I were about to shut myself out by dating with my bed again but NO. Too much sleep is no good for girls okay... So, I cleaned my room and all but still, the boredom hits me. Turned on the laptop so that I could watch any leftover movies but yeah I found out the free WIFI instead. So this is my story on how I get here, writing up for you. XD

       It would be good if my sister, Irrah was here too. Too bad that she went back to Johor earlier. At least I will have someone to fight with,,, AHAHAHA.. As the elder, I like to see her crying at the corner or getting mad. Well anyway, I am still the one who is responsible to calm her when that happens XD

       Had a long talk with my dad and my two brothers last night. Told mom a secret but ended up that she told everyone about it especially my dad. Sigh. Yes, indeed mom and dad never has any secrets between them. This really makes me feel jealous about them. Clearly, I won't keep any secrets from my future husband :')

      Okay then, I think this is all for now. Short story this time. Anyway, Ramadan is coming near now so for other muslims , get yourself ready! Let's do this together! :)
                                                                                                                            Lots of love, xoxo!

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