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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An emotional letter, maybe? Save Gaza and Justice For MH17!

                                                                           Hello there :)

       How are you all out there? Seems like yesterday that I am writing the last entry for this blog. Been very busy going to places and now I am able to recover from my back aches.

       I am now currently in Kuala Perlis, writing up a story about our retreat camp in the last few days. It is kinda a hard week for me since I only have two or three hours to sleep at night. I think the pandas might be cuter than me now. Cannot get away from the 'heavy eyeliner'. lol hahahaha..

       Ramadan is coming to its end. Just a few days left. This is the fastest Ramadan I could feel. I don't know what I was exactly doing that the month passed so smoothly and I will be missing waking up for 'sahur' and getting ready to break the fast. The holy month where we could teach our mind and body to be more relax and remembering our creator more than usual.

        The sad stories keep on messing with Malaysian news feed. I felt terribly sad for what has happened to MH17 and all the bombings in Gaza. I do hope we, Malaysians still hold onto each other and be strong to face all these difficulties. It was tragic and so many innocent people has been killed. I just don't know where is the humanity left in these society nowadays.

        About myself? Well I am not sure about my own feelings. I know I should stop thinking about this but it keeps coming back at me. Plus, these songs I am listening to, are the sad songs about love. Yeh I have bad experiences with love. I meant the love partners. Well, maybe I am not ready for it yet. Still waiting for the one who could change my thoughts on boys. Bad experiences gave me bad impressions towards boys. I need no boys, but a man.

       I think this entry will be a long one. One filled with emotions. So, I do hope that blogger won't repeat its problem the last time as I was trying to post my long fat-essay. I went to Kuala Lumpur last 18-19th of July for 2nd MPP retreat camp. We have discussed about the programmes that was held during our past few months of working+studying as the university student leader.

       It was a pleasant and happy camp I would say, as I am able to converse to my fellow seniors and friends as we are actually hardly seen each other. It is because most of us are studying in different courses. We went for walks and yea able to see how people get busy preparing stuffs for the Hari Raya celebration. I really had some good time with them all. 

       I honestly can't wait to be back home and feel the happiest moment in my life. Sorry but nothing is better than being with our own family members. Last time at home, I was so happy that I am able to be right beside of my mom and dad. I think I have been tweeting about dad and mom almost all the time. hahaha... I don't care what others would say cause they are the only person I would care to the end of my life.

        Anyway, I think it is still early for this but....... Selamat Hari Raya! :) I am sorry for all my wrongdoings and I hope all of you do better in life. Do things that make you happy :)

With Iezzah :)

with Irrul :)

With MPP Family :)

with them again..hiks!

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