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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I am officially 22 now! Sweet 22 baby!

Ohhh it was a great day. I always wrote a post on my birthday but not this year. Why? Because I think that we need to write the post essay about how the day went. Oh yes it's not really that extravagant but it was enough for me. :)

As usual, I woke up early yesterday. All I ever think was, I must make this day as my holiday of the year! Although there were classes during the day, I made a decision that I need to do something with my style for that special day of me. I don't have any fancy clothes but I do have a dress given by my mom which is special to me. However, wearing it to classes will make me looks overrated.

So, I made a decision just to wear kurung and yeah changed a little bit of my scarf style. Well, it's not
really a big make over. I just made the bawal scarf looks like the shawl. You know, like changed some clipping of it and yeah that's it. And I did put on some light make up. Some people noticed my kind of new appearance but yeah it's my special day anyway.

Thanks to my housemates,classmates,and coursemates who sang the 'happy birthday' song. Yeah it was at our house, after the class and in the lecture hall. Luckily the lecturer wasn't there. What's cute is that my classmates sang the song in korean language! Saranghae!

It's a simple day but I couldn't be even happier! Everything went so good except the part that I have waited for two hours for a class which was cancelled. (Yeah I have waited for nothing, thanks.. lol). But I did have nice time with my fellow friends and that was enough for me.

Thanks so much mom and dad for giving birth of me and raised me well. I don't know what I will be if you're not there for me. Abah (my dad) also tricked me yesterday which he has pretended as he never remember that it was my birthday. He called me twice but all he asked was about my brother and also about me having a boyfriend. Seems like he really wants me to have someone to share my time with.

But a few minutes later, he sent me a simple message saying "happy 22nd birthday and always be cheerful!". Ohhh that simple text means everything to me. And mak (my mom) also sent me a long written text saying that I will always be her daughter and she wished me so many good things. Ohhh dear I love them both!

Guess who's in my family that wished me the earliest? It was my sister, Irrah! :) thanks babe for that lovely pic of me in your Instagram and I do love the caption! Ahaha....oh there were so many good wishes and I do hope I can write them all here but I think this is already a very long post. Hahaha

Thank you so much to everyone who I've met during these past years in my life! And I hope to meet more soon! And so much love to my bestfriends, and also my housemates who bought a cake for my birthday! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading.Please leave your comments. :D

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