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Monday, April 27, 2015

Finished my Midterm Exam Sem 2 2014/2015 session~

OH HEII.. oh yea I am finally free from my midterm exam... I don't know but this semester is going so fast and things get harder too. Only 4 core engineering subjects plus a group of engineering team project and the industrial training.

It only costs me about 22 credit hours but, these subjects are really consuming me. So many lab test, assignments and yeah idk what to say about my team project progress. Our project title is "Solar-Powered Street Lighting System and Energy Calculation Software".

We only have less than a month now before sending our final report to the panels and the supervisor, Dr Irwan bin Yusoff. So many works and yeah everything you heard about engineering is true. We really are becoming zombie-like right now.

My seniors has told me before that the third year of study is really tough and it is tougher than the final year! We will only need to think of our Final Year Project during the final year and no more lab tests or taking so many subjects like we are right now.

Next weekend will be a 4-days holiday but I am still unable to go back home in Negeri Sembilan. YES, I did went back last 3 weeks but that wasn't enough tbh.... My next holiday? NO MORE HOLIDAY! T.T

This is because I will have 3-months industrial training in Jabatan Kerja Raya Seremban (Electrical Department). No more leisure time but works O.O

I guess that's it. Bye lovelies (:


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