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Monday, July 18, 2011


        BLOGGING,TWITTER-ING,FACEBOOK-ING,LISTENING TO KOREAN POP SONGS..That’s what I really love to do.I never care if you don’t like to see me online but that is my favourite thing to do.Anyway,you must feel weird when you see me offline right?

       On this few days,there was a problem regarding the Wi-FI connection in my house.I have called the Streamyx people but it seems like they will be able to repair it this Monday.That’s why I can’t update my blog,twitter and facebook.I will just be able to do so if only I go to the Cyber Café to get online.

       I knew there were many other places that offering FREE WI-FI connections but I am too lazy to go there.Hehe..So,I would rather stay at home,playing computer games and have a great chat with my family members :D

      It were about thousands of games in my netbook.Thanks to my ICT teacher.He is the one that uploaded all of it into my netbook.My brothers love to use my netbook without permission and play the games.Lastly,they will get scolded by me.Haha.

      After that,they will only take my netbook and play the games after I give them permission to do so.[I love my obedient brothers.Haha].That’s it.Pen-off! Bye.

                 Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

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