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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh..Don't be surprise okay..Haha..I was about to tell you about the song that I have listened to recently..Actually the song is from BOYFRIEND korean boy group..The title of the song is also Boyfriend..I am really in love with that song now..

For today,I have been listening to it for more than 3 hours already.I have figured out that the MV is very cute and the girl in the MV is beautiful too ^^ . I was like...Arghh!! Why must all of you are very cute and handsome??!! However,at first I was reluctant to listen to Boyfriend's songs.Maybe it's because I am only thinking of BEAST..

But then,when I listened to SEOULFM yesterday Boyfriend was in the playlist and that was the first time for me listened to that song! One more thing,in just two days I have already put the lyrics in my brain..I have already memorize them! HAHA..

The choreography of this song is cool too..You can see the fast dance steps.I think you will need more time to make sure that you can copy it.HAHA..[Psst:I CAN DO SOME PART OF THE DANCES ALREADY! HAHA]

yeah..it's my boyfriend time!!

The dances.. Really impressed me.

                                Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Kata-chan said...

I like boyfriend too ^__^

Kay Aiden said...

Yeahh..They seems really cute and the song is good too,right? keke... :)

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