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Friday, July 22, 2011


           Hello hello everyone..I'm back! Well,I always here..Actually i have got so many works to do but I prefer to write for this blog.Can you ever imagine how I love to share my stories with you? It doesn't matter if you don't like it.Just click the red 'X' button.

           Today. Okay I have new stories for you.Firstly,I have my new haircut.HAHA..Actually I'm a bit sad to cut it off but i need to do it as my parents don't like my long hair.They said that I looked like a ghost.Okay fine.I have cut them a bit shorter.

          Secondly,I'm fasting during the day.It's great because I'm not fasting alone.My mom and my sister Irrah were fasting with me too ^^ Then,I have learnt on how to cook 'Mee Bandung'  from my mom.[psst:I'm sorry.I'm not good with cooking.hee].Luckily the 'Mee Bandung' tasted so good.

          And lastly..I have a video call with my old friend,Syafiqah Aazahal.We have talked to each other for almost an hour.[It's only for about 55 minutes and 28 seconds!] However,we enjoyed the call very much..Anyway,we have not meeting each other for about 2years and half already..I really missed you dear.. <3 !

                                   Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

Miss Lollipop said...

thnx 4 mentioning me Kay Aiden.
i miss u too u know that right
nnnti kte wt lgi ea
x sabar tau

Kay Aiden said...

Okay dear Fid..I will find time to meet you.. :)

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