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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I like you the best.. ;) D1..18/08/11

There's nothing that I want to say except about my feeling right now.Oh,I have done the hafazan thing and will be continued for the tilawah and pemahaman ayat~ [Sometime,I like to write broken English,ignore that okay ;) ]

I don't know why but I feel so bored right now.There's one thing that I want to tell you the most which is I have already went to Pendeta Cafe with my classmates..And of course,that was not the first time for me eating there ^_^

It was last Thursday.We went to Pendeta Cafe {A cafe situated in UiTM Puncak Alam and very well-known with the high price!HAHA]However,we got a cut in price as we are students there..It was kind of buffet and all you can do is eat eat eat and the meals will never run out!Do you think that I eat so much?Well YES IT IS!! I EAT A LOT! We went there for breaking our fast together..And I'm glad that I am able to finish all my meals that I have taken..HAHA..

Here are some pictures of it :) I think I'm not going to put more pictures as this is not TUMBLR! This is my blog,the place where I write things.The other pictures will be uploaded to my tumblr account :)

I like the scenery.. eventhough still in construction.HAHA

There's me! , Alina , Izzati.

This is me before going to Pendeta [hey,you looked  dark Iqqa!]

With Sarah [Okay,such a nerdy huh with that ORANGE  PHYSICS book!] =,=

Those are what I have eaten that day >.< 

Dieya,Dj,Ah and Su... ;)

Hamizah and Alina.[Urm,I'm not sure who ate that much.HAHA]

[Shikin,Raihan and Hamizah] Dieya,what are you laughing at?

Okay,such a model of a plain drink.I think? HAHA

become model again..LOL~

Hey,yes here it is..MY CLASSMATES! D1 2011/2012.

Ayu,Izzati,Athirah and Farah..
Okay,my classmates really love people taking their pictures..Just give them the camera and they will always excited to take pictures.HAHA..<3! Okay,that's it! :)

Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

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Kata-chan said...

yummy, food! :D looks delicious~
now i'm hungry too 8D
You're pretty! :))

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

hehe..thanks kata.. :)

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