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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Last Biology Lab Session..

Yesterday was my last Biology laboratory session.I was a bit sad because I really likes to be in the lab doing experiments..I will remember the time I have spent there doing the experiments..It was my BIOLOGY lab session.However,I will still have my Physics and Chemistry Lab sessions after Hari Raya..

Oh,one more thing..I will have second Test which is TEST 2 after Hari Raya..It will start on 7th September 2011 and ended on 14th August 2011..The first subject that will be tested is MATH093.. Oh,I really hope that I will pass the examination with flying colours..Wish me luck okay,dearest! :)

Okay,here some of the pictures taken at BIOLOGY LABORATORY 2,UiTM Puncak Alam..(23/8/11)

Izzati(white skarf),Sarah(orange skarf) and ME!

With Amira..[okay,that's the fume chamber]

ME and Alina..

with Sarah...

With Athirah.[ok,thats a discrimination!]

All girls in my class..Also with my Lab's Instructor@Lecturer,Miss Liza..[the one at the center]

 That's it..I will remember all the best things happened in the laboratory..like breaking the test tubes,playing with the burette and pipette and more..Love it! :D

                                   Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

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