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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MY NEW PHONE. 31/07/11. and MID TERM BEL260.

Hi fellow readers.Thanks for visiting here again.I would love to write in English now as I'm going to have my BEL260(Preparation Class For MUET) Mid Term test tomorrow.I'm not feeling that good when I'm thinking of the Mid Term test.Okay,I will tell you more about the test after this.

Let's check out my new phone.Well,I know that it is not that expensive like yours but I love it! It has the specifications that I think the best for me.I like it as it has the specifications that maybe just the same with a phone that I've been longing for before this --- LG Cookie Style.It has Wi-Fi connection and also touchscreen.It maybe not as big screen as your phone but I still like it! HAHA.[Hey,why am I always write like this?Ignore that okay :)

Actually,I'm not thinking of buying a new phone after my Sony Ericsson Spiro.However,something happened and I don't like it anymore! [I'm thinking of giving it to my sister.] After that incident,I've been using my old,red Nokia phone.And again,it does not work well as I have been using it before the Spiro.[It's almost three years already!] So,I just can't make my life comfortable without a phone.That's why I bought a new phone --- Samsung Corby II..

Here a picture of it..

my new phone..
P/s:Please wish me luck for my midterm test tomorrow..And I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes..Hehe.. xD
                      Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

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