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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The new face of my blog! Hee..

I have changed the settings again! HAHA..Well,I felt quite jealous with my friends that put their own name in their blog.So,I've decided to change my profile name to my real name.Yes,it is..Shafiqqah Shafie is my real name..Kay Aiden is just my nickname with my fellow k-pop friends.. :)

There were also some of my friends did complained to me about the nickname especially my schoolmates.I've told them that it was only my nickname with my k-pop friends.As I am getting older from day to day,I think that I should living on the earth! So,I should use my own name.There is no need to make use of the nickname anymore.However,it's still up to you whether you still want to call me with my real name or just stick to the nickname.I don't mind either :)

I will not change the url of this blog because I am not good of remembering too many things.I think it's better for me to keep using the same url.Actually,i have made a tumblr account.I think I will post everything about
k-pop there.What about this blog?Well,I will try to update only about me here.But still,if I can't make it on tumblr I will still update the k-pop news in this blog.Well,I'm sleepy now.Gotta catch ya later! Bye.

                                   Thanks for reading.Please leave your comment. :D

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