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Sunday, November 27, 2011

-Bored-/No Plugs?!/

Hello there.. Aishh..I got a problem yesterday which I can't be online for the whole day! It's not because of having   problem with people or what,but I can't use all plugs in my house! I was about to make my hot mushroom soup but I am so frustrated when I discovered that the plugs can't be use at all..

For not having electrical supplies for a whole day,I felt so depressed cause I got no entertainment.I felt like my life is so boring at that time cause I can't do what I always do when I felt bored.I can't even to charge my own phone! I went to my friend's house last night to charge my phone.One more thing,my roomate was going out since the morning and I am all alone.. I was thinking to continue watch Dream High [a korean drama] but yeah..My netbook got no batteries too.. =.='

However,I have sent a message to a brother that knows how to fix the electrical problems at our hostel. I'm glad cause he read the message and he came to my house this afternoon.. So,right now.. I got my plugs back! :)) So that's it.. Adios~ <3

FYI : Only the plugs that can't be use at tha time.However,the fan and lights still can be switch on.. :)


3 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

naqib rahim said...

Hehe cube bace perenggan satu tu balik." I got a problem yesterday which I can be online for the whole day!". Hahaha :p

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

bhahaha xD baru perasan lahh..thanks anyway.. *typo LOL

Kimmy said...

FYI: Only the plugs that can't be use at tha time.

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