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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Dream Comes True :)

Hello :) Looking back to the title...My dream comes true~ yeah..It's about my twitter account..you might say that I am over-reacted by posting it here but DO I CARE?? Well,you know that this is my blog so I am able to write just anything that I want :P

I have made my twitter account for more than a year but I just become very active since a few months ago..I still remember that time..I only have about 12 followers consists of my friends..And I felt like Twitter is so boring cause I think there's no one else reading my tweets.

However,one day I discovered this young boy singer from United Kingdom followed my account --> Tom Andrews..I think most of you would not know about him much cause he is not that popular yet just like Greyson Chance although THEY WERE ACTUALLY SIGNED UNDER THE SAME COMPANY!! Both of them getting known from their covers on youtube[well you know that trend now right? lol] At that time,I'm following him back cause I started to like his voice! He got an awesome voice <3

After that,my followers keep growing and most of them are from United Kingdom and United States../It's a bit weird right cause I'm Malaysian but I got small number of them/ [Hey,anyone that has own a Twitter account! Please don't lie that you never think of your followers! A normal human being will think of that okay..] Eventhough you are not thinking about them now but I'm sure that you have think of it at least ONCE!

Okay here we go..What makes me said that my dream come true is that I am once thinking of having celebrities to follow my account..It doesn't matter whether they are foreigner or Malaysian but of course I want it to be Malaysian too keke...I know that you might have these celebrities following your account too but  I just want to share mine :)

Okay readers,I think that my post is already too long for you to read../pity you dear/ so I'm going to make it simple..After being very active on Twitter,now I have already got Sarimah Ibrahim,Ron E Jones,Nadhira,Imran Ajmain,and the latest one..Shaheizy Sam followed my account!! / I LOVE THEM ALL!!!/ :)))

I don't remember the time when they starts to follow me but I remember about the latest one...hehe
[Sam followed me on 7:43PM , 27/11/11] <3

FYI : I'm just sharing my own thoughts here.It's nothing more than that.Anyway,I am an ordinary person that is not perfect too.

Not going to share all the proof but here some of it <3 <3 <3

That's all. Adios.


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