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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dissection Of Mouse Experiment!! O.o

Yeah this is true!! I am truly need to go through this LOL yeah I'm talking like I'm the one that doing the dissection stuffs..HAHAHA It's really not like that... We have been divided into groups and each of us has our own work..As for me,I have already seen the process of dissecting a mouse during my secondary school...

So, I really don't want to do the same thing again~! /FYI it really stinks okay!/ Yeah that makes me really don't want to do it again.. Cause I already know hows it's going to be..This time, I prefer myself to be an artist LOL.. I prefer to do the drawings..[FYI : we need to draw the structures of digestive system including the cell] rather than doing the dissection /Its kinda tiring but yeah I enjoyed it too HAHAHA[was it really? lol]

Eventhough I'm doing the drawings I still can see how the dissection been done..[My other groupmates done it].What I do during the session is completing my drawings and yes! TAKING PICTURES TOO^^ The lecturer seems not to notice *opss not..She just let me :P ( cool right? yeah thats why I like her hehehhe)

Now is the time for sharing pictures~!

Okay we just want to take out the small intestine! [It's nearly the same as my height!]

Yeah that's really long!

That how it goes~

Putting back the organs into the body wuwuwuwu

hehe that's me~! checking on the slide? lol

Told ya! That's really long!

me and my groupmates~!

that's LIVER!! See that?? hehehe
Okay..I think that's it...

-The experiment was done on 13/12/11 [yesterday!! :) ]


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