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Friday, February 17, 2012

Woooohoooo hellooo back!!


I'm too busy and it's hard for me to handle this blog..but..but.. I will try to update! yeah It's a must...hehehe 

Oh why why why???

I am too busy with the assignments,tutorials classes and lectures..Oh yeah one more thing,my Test 2 and Final Exam is getting nearer..This kinda haunting me LOL..mueehehehe..

Well,I don't care much..Since I got my free time now /ohh its my leisure time!/.. hahhahaha so that's why I'm here...I have done blogwalking to other aweeeesomeee blogs and from that,I got my hands typing for you..hehehe Oh okay I know I'm cool /people please get me a gun cause I want to kill myself for this statement? lol/

I love to be myself..What about you? Well,of course you too right? No one likes to be someone else. Except if that person is a true-self copycat! ==' Okay I'm mumbling again hmmm sorry xD

There's one more thing,I am now in love with the new songs from Selena Gomez,Nicki Minaj and U-Kiss..For whom that does not involve with K-pop,you must be blur with U-Kiss..Nevermind, I won't tell it here..If you really want to know about them,you can ask Mr.Google instead hehee..

Catch out the cover for Ukiss new album -->

All handsome boys!

This is the cover for Forbidden Love.. one of the songs in the album :)
For the things that happened today,I have presented my Physics laboratory presentation..It's about Resistivity and I felt that everything is gooood! HAHAHA..Yeah it's good for me cause everything went smoothly and I only said a few words till my groupmates continue their parts hehehe.. Here are the pictures during our presentation hehehehe..

That's me!! Presenting at that time!! hehehe

Anyway,while I'm writing this post I am online through my Twitter too..hehe So I asked my followers about other things that I should write here..Know what I got?? HAHA yeah some of them asked me to write about them and nah!! now I'm writing about the two lucky person!!! /Yeah they're lucky,you want to be like them too? Connect to me through Twitter okay? hehehe /okay Iqqa please stop being annoying :P/

Both of them are my friends..[One is my primary school old friend and another one is my current classmate in UiTM] Firstly, my primary school friend's name is Nur Nimmi Afiqah bt Abdullah.. She's tall and beautiful..And yeah a nice person too!! But yeah,she only loves Korean boys.So sorry for others lolololol..So,Koreans...here's your chance!! Grab her lol...I love being friend with her. Haven't met her for a long time but I'm still sure that I can't ever beat her height! LOL XDDDD

Tomorrow is her birthday!! x

Okay that's the first one...Now come the second one! hehehe 

I firstly know her from the second week in my college [UiTM].. Her name is Hamizah bt Anuar..She is nice,polite and one thing that I like the most about her is that she have the SAME INTEREST as me!! hehehhe....We love Korean pop so much..I maybe  a K-pop freak on everything that related but she is a die-hard fans of SUPER JUNIOR!! She loves to help others and have high level of patience too!! /yeah since she need to face a LIONESS like me everyday! HAHAHAHA #jokingLOL.

Here's a picture of her XDD yeah only one/don't ask for more.no request for that lol/

Yeah that's all for this post hehhehehe Much love from me!! xoxo

FYI : All photos are copyrighted for this blog.You won't be able to download it here. :P
One more thing,I'm going to Port Dickson tomorrow until Sunday with my classmates here!!! hehehhe [D1]
 So,wait up for pictures while I'm there xx

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