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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week and 1 Day !!

     Oh yeah I am really happy for this.. Although my heart has broken into pieces after I took my Physics final exam paper this evening ==' I did my very best but I'm not so sure about what I wrote on the paper Urghh..Yeah that's really made me feel unwell. Hmmm..

     But nevermind, I don't want to talk much about that stress feeling.. It's not good for your health LOL.. The one and only thing that made me writing here although I still have another paper on this 16th March which is Mathematics for Scientist (MAT097) paper is that I want to share my happiness that my blog which is this lovely blog is now officially ONE year, ONE month, ONE week and A day old!!

     I don't actually remember the date when I made up this blog but yeah I managed to set it to the Daisypath sticker before I forgot haha..So,that's where I found out my blog's real age? hehehe.. I really love it when it comes to all ONE! hehe/reminding me of One Direction? Ohh yeahh Love them!xx

     I have changed the skin,layout and template of this blog for many times..But since I have continued my studies in UiTM Puncak Alam,I don't have so much time for upgrading this blog :( But I still manage to update new post regularly..Yeah I know that I'm not updating it everyday just like other bloggerholic did ==' All of this happened cause I don't really have much leisure time to spend..Or else,maybe it's just me that is really lazy to write? HAHAHA yeah maybe~~ XD

     Btw,I am now in the first week of Final Exam..[which is the last semester] Our foundation studies only took about a year and yeah now it has passed.I'm going to end my foundation studies next week which is the last week of final exam[The final exam only took two weeks].. :(

     I will miss this place sooo damn much!! Especially my housemates at R1308,my room (Room C),my other classmates (D1) and my other Foundation's friends too..hmmm Good luck people,with your new life later..And don't ever forget me okay? hehe /yeah right,seems like they're really reading this 'invisible' blog..LOL haha..
That's  all love..xoxo,

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